Welcome to my online journal.

In this blog I share my journey with others. I share content related to my work, martial arts, health and fitness. I believe every human being has the potential to do extraordinary feats through constant self-improvement, determination and discipline. That is what I plan to do and what my journal is all about.

I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1988 –  a period in the region the world would know as having started the Gulf War. Due to my dad’s work, we relocated to many countries. I’ve lived in 7 countries – in Asia, Africa and Europe, as well as traveled to others along the way. Because of this I experienced many things which moulded my mindset and perspective on life to the lifestyle I hold on to today.

During my years growing up overseas I was exposed to a diverse range of cultures, languages, and customs. This made me appreciate the diversity of this world. I consider myself a traveler, and I can never settle in one place too long.


I am passionate about martial arts so you’ll be reading a lot of topics related to that. Mostly, they are philosophical and motivational.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Batutta

I can be be contacted by e-mail at ayman.yusof@gmail.com