Grabcar account suspension and why I’ve grown to love Uber (Malaysia)

I’ve been driving for both Uber and Grab (Malaysia) as a part-timer for almost a year now, well mostly Grab, but I decided to do a career change a month ago and have Grab/Uber as a way to make side money. However, eversince GrabCar introduced their GrabShare option for passengers, fares (and daily income) were getting ridiculously low. As expected, passengers are the ones to take this opportunity with every single order they can make. GrabShare is a ride-share order option on the GrabCar app that offers lower fares for passengers looking for a cheaper ride, provided that they share the ride with another passenger. The maximum number of passengers per order are only 2. This is great for passengers but not for drivers. From the drivers side, not only are the earnings much lower but they have to pick up another passenger (who isn’t necessarily close by) and the fare is only a cheapskate amount of money. Note that drivers aren’t paid for their time driving to pick up passengers at the time although they’ve introduced it recently. However, the earning from these fares are still ridiculously low that passengers make it more complicated by even telling the drivers not to pick up another passenger as well as taking their own sweet time telling the drivers to make multiple stops as well as ordering them to drop them deep inside their condos. Not that there’s any problem with that but if you’re the only passenger in the car and the ride has been 40+ mins (during peak hours) and you only pay RM5 please be more courteous and understand that the driver has to drop you off and get other passengers, thereby making more income (provided that it’s not a GrabShare). This is exactly what happened to me, and because the customer complained that I was being ‘fussy’ I got a call from GrabCar CS team, after which my account got suspended…a week after I left my job. You could say it was my fault but then again this GrabShare option was always a pain in the ass to begin with. Some of you may say, why not just ignore the GrabShare orders! Well, as drivers, we have to keep within our target acceptance rate of above 90% and if we don’t, we won’t get incentives (that, plus cancellation rates of below 10% and driver rating of atleast above 4.4 – they seem to change it once in a while). Mind you, if we ignore a job or cancel a ride, our rating drops drastically – like it’s not even funny – and to get it to go back up takes several job orders, depending on how many jobs you’ve done in total.

Now, what really pissed me off is that GrabCar refused to bank in our credit money after they banned our accounts. I’ve asked them multiple times to bank them in since, technically, it’s MY MONEY. They completely ignored it. I was kind of fine with it because I only had RM100 on my Drivers credit account. Some guys I’ve talked to who got banned had RM500 and one guy had RM5000! So, I thought to myself, “fine, looks like I’ll just have to try uber from now on”. You see, Uber has a ‘reputation’ of offering low fares with a whopping 25% commission deducted for themselves after the total fare. So, most Malaysians don’t like that. In addition to that, as drivers, we aren’t able to see the location beforehand when we receive trip orders, unlike GrabCar driver apps, which makes it more troublesome and exciting at the same time. Which is why for me, Uber is better off for full time drivers, i.e drivers who drive 8-12 hours per day minimum. Yeah, I know it’s crazy we actually drive that long everyday to make some RM150-200 nett income on a daily basis (but this varies according to the fares). Remember though, we still have to fill up petrol, eat and save up.

But, after converting to Uber, I found that they were much more professional in their approach and makes it easier for drivers since most of the features are done automatically. They even summarised our income and make it presentable, which I kinda like, since most features in GrabCar are manually done. We literally have to manually press ‘I’m here’ when we have arrived, and for laid-back passengers who don’t check their app or make an order while taking a shower, we have to end up waiting…and you know what will happen when we cancel! Goodness me.

The key with Uber is SURGE + BOOST, which means there’s an extra to be made with every trip order coming from certain areas. You’ll get to know them more when you become a driver. I don’t want to go into much detail but basically they multiply the fares up 1.2 – 4x + during peak hours, especially when it’s raining. The only downside? hideously aweful traffic jam…

This is my weekly income for the week ending May 8th – most of the jobs are with either a higher surge or boost (uber opts for the higher amount), and I have to say I’m pretty happy with it. Uber showed everything neatly – they deducted their 25% comms and included the incentives. We earn incentives after completing certain number of trips; it used to be much higher, but now it’s enough to cover for petrol and food I guess, or to pay some bills. If we have any complaints about the fares then we could always write a message, after which they’ll reply within the day – sometimes within an hour. In comparison to GrabCar, we had to call them and go through the auto line which is really time consuming since we wait for someone to pick up, and even after telling them of any issues, some of them had to refer us to someone else either because it wasn’t their department o they simply didn’t know the answer – pathetic. So, there you have it, my experience thus far summarised.

If you want to earn approximately RM700-1000+ each week in extra income you may register with the link below.

Please note that you may require a car that saves on petrol, as well as have it in tip-top condition. Anything else you may contact me on fb – Ayman Yusof (PS: I don’t accept requests).

14th June UPDATE!! News! Surprise surprise! GrabCar just sent me an email saying they’ll bank in my money – Two months after my GrabCar account got suspended! Looks like somebody has been reading my blog post! 

Don’t say I wasn’t being polite

…yet no response for close to two months!! Check the dates on the emails

Then a month after my blog post came out, suddenly tadaa! 

I don’t blame grab employees since I know they feel the drivers’ pain (I picked up one of them before in an uber ride!) It’s just the fucked up capitalist management whose creating all these problems. Mind you, my credit wallet was only RM100, there are guys out there whose credit wallet are as much as RM5000 and they haven’t received the money.


5 thoughts on “Grabcar account suspension and why I’ve grown to love Uber (Malaysia)

  1. I drove Uber before and had chance to drive GRAB too. I totally agree with you. GRAB is totally focus on PROFITS without knowing that their actual customers are the drivers who provides service to passengers. Getting stupid answers from their customer service is also sickening. They should be train more rather than training the suspended drivers with low AR or high CR. They dont know the risk of being the drivers especially those who drive at night. Drivers would cancel if he feel unsecured, but GRAB refuse to consider on this. GRAB also does not reward the drivers well but focus on promo for cheap passengers.

  2. so did you ever get your incentives for that week + the money from your driver wallet/ Cash balance bro?? i also got recently suspended from grabcar and its already been a month and they have not even got back to me. its really pissing me off since i was a full time driver for them. All drivers should boycott grabcar

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