Celcom’s stinking telco packages

Ok this has happened to me for quite a while now and it pissed me off when Celcom’s data packages depletes so damn fucking fast, like EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I used to get the 40GB package. But after some Facebook, & instagram surfing, I get an sms from celcom saying I’ve used 70% of my data weekend or weekday package…after around a week, like what the fuck dude? 40GB divided between weekday 20GB and weekend 20GB has had 70% already depleted for either?? But when I use their video walla for YouTube and Netflix, it’s says only 2-3GB has been used out of 100GB for tonnes of videos and movies downloaded & watched. Fuck you celcom you’re a fucking scam! You’ve deliberately sucked people’s money by taking away their data after a few fb videos and ask them to top up on your ridiculous packages. In the end, we pay more than the data plan we got for, and the additional packages aren’t cheap!

40GB GOLD plus plan for RM100 a month

20GB plan for RM80 a month. I changed to this after a while but then my data depletes after a day or even less. And when everything is fully depleted I can’t even play Spotify without it pausing every 5 seconds. It didn’t happen when I was in the gold plus plan.

Add on some 2GB and that’s an additional RM20? suck my dick.

In the end, you just want people to suck it up to your platinum plus plan of 100GB for almost RM200 a month. I’m pretty sure I’ll get a message 3 weeks in saying I’ve depleted 70% of my data for surfing Facebook and Instagram right? Coz your greediness to suck our cash just has no limit.

Look at that! At 12.05am my plan was renewed as they always do every month but by 5.57am it’s already 70% depleted and I wasn’t even using my phone most of the time (I work night shift these days).

When you make a complaint at celcom’s customer service line they simply explain by using you’ve used a lot of data that’s why it’s depleted. No shit! I’ve used for a while and you guys deplete the whole damn thing from it. When I was in Singapore I had a 2GB data plan with SingTel and I used to watch YouTube and listen to podcasts every morning while commuting to work and guess what? It NEVER depleted.

I’ve been switching between celcom, maxis and u mobile but maxis charges freaking 3x more than celcom for lower data and u mobile has the shittiest coverage. So fuck it


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